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About a year ago I got into self-hosting and home servers and set up a jellyfin to host all my music and movies.

Then, a comrade from my workers co-op taught me how to use @coopcloud and use that to set up and configure a jellyfin instance in a matter of minutes.

Now I am using the same tools to help a collective of indie film-makers from around the world screen their movies online as part of an arts festival.

I love my job :mac:

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A reminder to people who use proprietary 'mainstream' digital tools provided (usually 'freemium') by massive US-based corporations within organisations (especially volunteer ones): when you choose to use these tools you, in effect, impose the terms-and-conditions of those tools upon all those you're asking to collaborate with you and your organisation. Some people will - for very good reasons - baulk at that. I know I do. When confronted by it, I offer an open, decentralised alternative.

@aral wondering if you do check your small tech email, or if my email got caught up in a spam filter. It’s regarding a P2P, federated project I’m working on.

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I don't think web3 will be web3 ever, the fediverse is the real web3 to me, and I wish there was as much investment in the fediverse and similar projects than they are in non-sense cryptocurrencies projects

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Web 3? No thank you. Web 1.0 please.
Electric cars? No thank you. Light rails, trains, and bikes, please.
Ever faster computing devices? No thank you. Cleaner, leaner, and more minimalist software, please.

I can’t unfollow them, but only because I don’t currently follow them.

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#Microsoft is updating their terms of service again. They are now going to start blocking contents of your email based on what you say or upload.
The terms take effect August 15, 2022.

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Singling out @tiktok_us just because it's linked to China is entirely the wrong move.

Don't ban a company.
Don't ban a country.
Ban the *practice.*

Make the systematic and exploitative collection of people's private details unlawful. Under *any* flag.


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@aral The hypocrisy is astounding. If anone doesn't think the federal government has tapped all internet traffic for the last 15 years, they have their heads in the sand.

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A big thing that neoliberal capitalist conservatism does is present everything it does as inescapable, as a fait accompli. Thatcher literally told us 'There is no alternative'.
If we believe there isn't an alternative, then there isn't one.
We have to start with a belief that we can make things better. Also piss on Thatcher memorials. Always piss on Thatcher memorials.

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Should not-for-profits use Facebook, Google, etc. Or are there better alternatives for social good organisations?

I spoke with @nonprofits recently about this, the fediverse, small web, and more.

Listen in at:


#nonProfit #notForProfit #socialGood #bigTech #smallTech #tech #fediverse #smallWeb #surveillanceCapitalism #peopleFarming #podcast #audio

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The stuff about Uber getting rather inappropriate help from politicians is really just the tip of the iceberg. This is how large companies, including BigTech, operate in the background. They can hire lobbyists, or directly buy politicians to do whatever they need to gain advantage.

The position of big companies isn't achieved through “merit”, or even necessarily though “free” market trading in the classical economists sense. This is what neoliberalism is - the leveraging of corporate power through enabling nation states.

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@bob neoliberalism is popularly conceptualized as government doing less, when it is actually corporations being given more power to govern and then governing even harsher and tightly than before via economic controls and a managerial overseer class

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being generous only to close friends or family doesn't really help redistribute wealth at all. even capitalists are caring and generous when it comes to their friends, it's not that they lack empathy, they just don't extend it to anyone outside their ingroup. Doing the same thing but with a different/poorer ingroup isn't very radical

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#Goldfish is a brand new project created by @stux as a FOSS replacement for platforms like TikTok & Vine.

Development has started a few days ago and the first rought draft is online at goldfish.social

The platform is build in Laravel from scratch and the plan is to also add ActivityPub so it can connect with the Fediverse in the future.

Our git repo will be updated when a good first version is done ✅

We also have a Patreon page for the project! Hopefully I can spend many many more hours on it's development ❤️


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meta - regarding an instance we do not federate with that is edgy and "leftist" 

idea: if someone has defederated from you, maybe the best appeal wouldn't be block-evading and looking to start a fight with the admins. maybe you should just chill, and respect their space; maybe reflect on it if their opinion really matters to you. Just telling people you disagree with getting blocked isn't going to change how they feel about it. If you won't change yourself then kindly fuck off because nobody owes you any attention or interaction just because you exist. That's channer entitlement right there.

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My book "How to Destroy Surveillance Capitalism" is a critique of Big Tech connecting conspiratorial thinking to the rise of tech monopolies (proposing a way to deal with both) is now out in paperback:


Signed copies here:


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Crazy idea, what if we were able to take a grammar test which we could use to opt out of Grammarly ads? I'd pay for it.

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A lot of the #internet has become dependent on Cloudflare, so any reliability issues with that will cause catastrophic failures.

People think they need Cloudflare for DDoS protection (it's a digital protection racket), and the DDoS problem exists because data is not sufficiently federated/distributed across servers/peers.

So to fix the reliability of the internet, more redundant data storage is needed. This isn't anything very advanced though. Torrents are redundant storage. Federated posts in the fediverse are redundant storage. Most traditional server systems and walled garden data silos are fragile.

Open source projects are mostly already digital commons, and some of them do come with accompanying private enterprises that are for-profit.

However, I am looking for less top-down approaches, and more like collectively owned knowledge that can be used freely to directly operate businesses; i.e. using Linux as an operating system is great, but is not directly how the business runs.

In terms of hardware, this is a good start: oddlyspecificobjects.com/about

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